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WP4: RA Processing and RA Management at the Mixing Plant

OBJECTIVE: Improvement in the processing of RA to facilitate recycling/reuse of the RA at highest possible level in the pavement.

The objective of this work package is to collect knowledge on and characterize the potential for the optimum use of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RA) by focussing on a selected number of issues regarding:

  • RA production (e.g. milling, scarifying etc.)
  • RA processing and handling (e.g. screening, crushing, sieving, interim storage etc.)
  • RA introduction in the mixing plant or mixing process (e.g. mixing process related issues)

The aim of the work package is – from the base of existing knowledge - to highlight the influence of factors that are important for two goals. One goal is to facilitate some level of recycling of materials from existing asphalt pavements but the second and more important goal is to ensure the optimal use at the highest potential level of the natural resources and non-renewable materials already invested in the existing pavement structure. Strengthening the recycling of wearing course material as new wearing course is a huge benefit to the environment as it preserves as much as possible natural resources of high quality aggregates, and reuses the non renewable resources "stored" in the bituminous binder in the old pavement material. It is therefore the intention to stress the benefits in the use of RA on a more global scene taking the optimization from contractor’s level, over regional/national administrative level to the global scene by introducing views involving the potential of CO2 reduction issues and preservation of natural resources.

Tasks of WP4: