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WP1: Sampling and Characterization of RA

OBJECTIVES: Improvement of the laboratory characterization of RA in laboratory. Development of a sampling procedure to consider the heterogeneity of recycling asphalt pavement and to better characterize this type of materials. Development of testing methodologies or procedures to better characterize the RA in physical, chemical, mechanical and environmental domains.
This work package aims to improve the characterization of the RA and to study the potential of the RA to be recycled. 
One of the objectives of this project is to allow the re-use of the optimal proportion of recycled asphalt pavement in wearing courses, according to the industrial means and the costs for recycling. In this framework, the aim is to re-use higher amounts of RA in the mixes in comparison to present practices. Reclaimed asphalts are complex materials. With this work package, the characteristics of the reclaimed asphalts will be better evaluated. Their use in mix design of bituminous materials will be easier,  allowing the reduction of natural aggregates consumption and the decrease of storage sites for wastes. This will also lead to tighter controls on pollution levels and the dispersion of hazardous substances will be avoided.

In the framework of sustainable development, this work package aims to preserve the environment and the improvement of testing means will help to develop the multi-recycling of reclaimed asphalt.

Tasks of WP1:

  • Task 1.1 – Sampling procedure for RA
  • Task 1.2 – Improvement of the characterization of RA, especially RA containing polymer modified bitumen (PmB)
  • Task 1.3 – Environmental characterization