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WP3: Environmental performance of RA

OBJECTIVE: Develop assessment tools and knowledge to improve resource conservation and a sustainability of RA.

This work package will develop and improve tools that can be used to assess and characterize the environmental performance of the use of RA. The assessment will extend over the whole life cycle of RA such as:

  • RA production (e.g. milling, scarifying etc.)
  • RA processing and handling (e.g. screening, crushing, sieving, interim storage etc.)
  • RA introduction in the mixing plant or mixing process (e.g. mixing process related issues)
  • RA use in different applications e.g. binder course, base course or subbase
  • RA repeated recycling

This WP will be performed in close coordination with task 1.3 (Environmental characterisation) and other more technical WPs to identify and focus on highlighted problem areas and case studies. The aim is to support the project with data and assessment tools for environmental evaluation and optimisation. The outcome of this WP will be safer and increased RA recycling. It will serve to check that RA meets the essential performance criteria that are requested in the EU Construction Products Directive (CPD) for “Hygiene, health and the environment” (ER3) but will also support environmental performance evaluation well beyond the scoop of ER3.This WP will be led by SGI.

Tasks of WP3:

  • Task 3.1: Risk Assessment of RA
  • Task 3.2: Life Cycle Assessment of RA